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This wiki is an attempt to consolidate all of the information about the published works of fiction by Jo Beverley into a single organized structure.

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Sadly, Jo Beverley passed away in May 2016, so unless there's something lurking in her archives, there are no more of her tales to come...

Jo wrote romance novels in three periods:
    - the early Anglo-Norman period (c. 1066),
    - the Georgian (c. 1760), and
    - the Regency (1811-1820).
All were set in England, where she was born and raised.

Some more information [not yet fully incorporated into this wiki] is available at the following links:

    The Medieval Romances

    The Georgian romances -- The Malloren World

    The traditional Regencies

    The Regency Historicals, mostly in the world of the Company of Rogues

    About "Three Guys Called George"

    The novellas