The Traditional Regency Romances
Traditional regency romances are set in Jane Austen's time, and are deeply rooted in the social mores of English society in the first decades of the 19th century. There is, in fact, no difference in background between my traditional regency romances and my "historical" ones, (Click here to go to the regency historical page) but the historical romances are longer, more likely to have plot elements from the fringes of polite society, and have explicit sex scenes.

The following books form a loosely linked series with recurring characters. They were all long out of print, but have now been reissued in handsome trade paperback editions and as e-books.

If your bookstore doesn't have the print editions on the shelf they can order them, or you can buy them on line. The Book Depository, is a UK on line bookseller which doesn't charge for shipping books to most places in the world.

All but one were originally published in hardcover and may be available in some libraries.

LORD WRAYBOURNE'S BETROTHED (RITA Award finalist, best Regency)

Jane Sandiford has been raised to be a dutiful daughter, and she dutifully accepts an offer of marriage from handsome Lord Wraybourne. But when her new status takes her into the world of Regency Society, she begins to think there should be more to marriage than duty.

"...a sparkling new discovery.... Ms. Beverley has imbued the traditional Regency format with a sensuality that will greatly appeal to modern readers. The sky's the limit for this extraordinary talent." Rave Reviews/Romantic Times)

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THE STANFORTH SECRETS (RITA Award finalist, best Regency)

Widowed Chloe Stanforth only wants to leave her home to start a new life, especially when the new owner is a man she felt far too strongly about during her marriage. But murder and mayhem mean she must stay and solve both those mysteries, and the ones in her heart.

"This second novel leaves no doubt about the bright future for the immensely talented Jo Beverley." Rave Reviews/Romantic Times.

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Sophie Kyle has what she wants -- Lord Randal Ashby is soon to be her husband. But his offer only came about because he rescued her and ended up in her bedroom. Has she trapped him? Can she bear to let him go?

"..a marvelous mixture of humor and sensuality, as well as a fine sense of period." Romantic Times.

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Winner: RITA Award, Best Regency;Romantic Times Award, Best Regency Rake. Named as one of Romantic Times best romances of the past 20 years

Miss Emily Grantwich is surrounded by misfortune. Her brother is missing in the war, her father is paralyzed, and she must manage the family's estates and business. Now, as neighbor, she has a notorious rake generally known as the Dark Angel. She knows that everyone is right and she should avoid him, but somehow it doesn't work out that way. And all in all, she's not sure if she wants it to.

"...this marvelous love story has all the makings of a long-standing classic." Romantic Times.

Read an excerpt here.
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In A Regency Valentine, Walker March 1991 0-8027-1131-6 Out of print
Fawcett paperback, Feb. 1992 0-449-22081-8 Out of print
This novella has been revised to be published in the e-book collection Regency Valentines.

Chart Ashby, (who appeared in Emily and the Dark Angel, and is brother to Chloe of The Stanforth Secrets) has to fulfill a deathbed promise and make sure Miss Juno Rathbone is happy in her spinsterish state. The trouble is, she isn't, and his attempts to help her threaten his happy bachelor days.

Included in Lovers and Ladies (see below)
Available alone as an e-book in the UK.

Miss Amy de Lacy knows her duty. As the ravishing beauty of the family she must marry money and rescue her siblings from poverty. How unfortunate, then, that the man who stirs her heart has only a moderate competence.

"...the kind of wonderful reading experience that every fan desires." Romantic Times.
"Great romance. Great Regency." Booklist
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DEIRDRE AND DON JUAN Winner: RITA Award, Best Regency; Bookrak Award, Bestselling Regency; Award of Excellence for Regency; best Regency, RRA-L Internet group; Romantic Times Award, Best Regency Rake. Named as one of Romantic Times best romances of the past 20 years
Included in Lovers and Ladies. See below.

Mark Juan Carlos Renfrew, Earl of Everdon was deserted by his beautiful wife ten years ago. Now, the news of her death takes away his freedom and compels him to marry. He chooses, however, the plainest, quietest young lady he knows. When he discovers that Deirdre plans to marry a selfish wretch, he feels compelled to save her, and discovers that she is not quiet, and that plain is in the eye of the beholder.

" enchanting masterpiece that is sheer romantic perfection." Romantic Times
"Ms. Beverley is a storyteller par excellence, whose vivid and mesmerizing characters totally engage all the reader's emotions...topnotch Regency reading pleasure." Romantic Times
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NAL, April 2008
This trade paperback includes
DEIRDRE AND DON JUAN. Click here to buy the e-book.

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