Dunsworth family

Family of Nora and Clarrie.

Clarrie Dunsworth, b 1719, d 1739, ruined by Giles Perriam in 1739.
Nora, b 1715, d 1755, m Henry Mallow in 1741.
Children: Claris, Tom and Peter.

Parents: Samuel and Mary Dunsworth.
Samuel, timber merchant, b 1675, d 1738, age 63
Mary, b 1790, d 1736, age 54
Dead children:
  Samuel, 1714-1717, age 3
  John, 1716-1724, age 8
  George, 1721-1724, age 3
  Marianne, 1724, died at 6 months
A fever swept through the village.

Lived in Wellsted, near Woolwich.

He lies Samuel Dunsworth, merchant, 1665-1730
And Mary, his wife, 1690-1736
Those who labor with a good heart will
reap their reward.
Samuel 1714-1717
John 1716-1724
George 1721-1724
Marianne 1724 aged 6 months

He lies Claris Maria Dunsworth, 1719-1739
daughter of Samuel Dunsworth of this parish.
Gone too soon, but she is with the angels now.

Miss Pellew over at Read House