Mallow family

Henry Richard Mallow, 1718-1764. Friend of Giles Perriam when younger.

Son of Henry Mallow, Squire of Dalbrey, Northamptonshire. b 1686, d 1761 in debt.

In 1739 he helped Giles disentangle from Clarrie Dunsworth.

After Clarrie's suicide, he's crushed by guilt and enters the church. He takes a parish in the roughest part of Bristol and gives all to the poor, but then Clarrie's sister, Nora finds him. She uses his guilt to force him to marry her, and to move to a pleasant rural parish, though not a rich one.

They marry and move to Old Barford, Surrey, in 1741.

1742, Claris Mercy born.
1754, twins Peter and Thomas born.

1754, Nora dies.
1764, Henry dies.

Henry's mother Athena Mallow (b 1697 - so she's 68) comes to live with them at Lavender Cottage.

Servant: Ellie Gable, came with Mistress Athena Mallow. She's 66 but brisk and hardworking.

Clergy pensions:
1745 plan for pensions on subscription of 20 s a year, leading to a pension of 20 pounds a year.
If wife is dead but there are children, they will be entitled to it for 10 years.