Family name of the Marquessate of Rothgar

The "Malloren Family" are all offspring of William Malloren, 2nd Marquess of Rothgar (b 1700, d 1744).

By Augusta Trayce (b 1709, d 1730):
Beowulf Arthur George, heir's title "Earl of Grafton, 3rd Earl of Rothgar", b 1725.
  Lady Edith Guinevere Matilda, b and d 1729.

By Gabrielle de Maure (b 1708, d 1744):
Lord Arcenbryght (Bryght), b 1731.
Lord Brand, b 1733.
Lady Hilda, b 1735.
Lady Elfled (Elf), b 1737.
Lord Cynric (Cyn), b 1737.