Lord Bryght Malloren

Lord Bryght Malloren

b 1731.
Tall, dark, and handsome. Hazel eyes that can show green or gold flecks according to the light. Deep voice, earring, ring.
Was a gambler. Turned to investments. Invests heavily in the Duke of Bridgwater's canals.

Father: 2nd Marquess of Rothgar.
Mother: Gabrielle de Maure.

Married: Portia St. Claire (aged 25) in 1761.

Francis Malloren, b 12th Aug 1762
Gabrielle Malloren -- dark hair, b 26th Jun 1764.

Country house:
Candleford Park, Hampshire, 4 miles west of Winchester.

  Major Cranton Barclay, "laconic ex-officer who wore a hook where his right hand had been".
  Francis Edgerton, Duke of Bridgwater.
  Andover (A loose-limbed blond of easy-going temperament).

  Zeno, Persian Gazelle Hound. Spends some time with Boudicca at Rothgar Abbey.

Hero of Tempting Fortune.

In Tempting Fortune he's wooing the widowed Mistress Findlayson (Jenny) for her money. "Has all the makings of a shrew."
Nerissa Trelyn was his mistress.