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First, some facts, as opposed to FAQs. As you probably know if you're here, I'm a bestselling writer of historical romance novels set in the middle ages around 1100 AD, the Georgian period in the 1760s, and the English Regency -- Jane Austen's time. My first novel was published in 1988.

I was born and raised in England and have a degree in History and American Studies from Keele University in Staffordshire, which makes me one of the few North American writers of English-set historical romance who's writing about my own heritage, though alas it is far from aristocratic. (Another is my fellow Canadian, and excellent author, Mary Balogh. She's Welsh, but it counts. Back at the grandparent level, I'm Irish.) My husband and I came to Canada in 1976, and we now live in British Columbia.

Now for the FAQ -- answers to the questions I'm asked a lot. These change over time and I'll try to keep this page up to date.

Dear Jo Beverley:

Where can I find a list of your books by series?

Click here.

Are you going to finish the Rogues series?

It's done. I found Simon St. Bride in Canada and forced him to become a hero in THE ROGUE'S RETURN and then I rescued Dare from the opium addiction I'd given him as a plot convenience in TO RESCUE A ROGUE. But my version of the Regency is my Rogue's World, including the characters from my traditional Regencies, so it will live on.

LADY BEWARE, June 2007, tells the story of Dare's sister and Viscount Darien, the man who hates the Rogues.

Why wonít Hal and Blanche get their own book?

The trouble is, I donít think thereís a book there. Truly. Even with the problem of Hal wanting to marry and Blanche resisting, it's not a book, but their story has woven through the other books, including The Rogue's Return and To Rescue A Rogue.

Will you write a book about Hilda Malloren?

Some romance readers are heartless. Theyíve suggested that Hilda and Steen have marriage troubles, or even that he die! But in my world, some people have ordinary lives, and theyíre an example. Steen has the right idea. Heís keeping his family tucked safely far from fiction where bad things happen to good people.

Will there be more Malloren books?

Yes and no. Iíve decided to start referring to my different series as worlds, so there is now a Malloren world. Since Iím not going to ruin Hildaís life, or any of the other Mallorensí lives, there wonít be any more Malloren stories per se. However, there are relatives, one of whom is Rothgar's cousin on his motherís side. The Marquess of Ashart is the hero of WINTER FIRE (November 2003) If you've read that book, you'll have met Fitz and Damaris. Their story, A MOST UNSUITABLE MAN, was published in February 2005.

Next came a trilogy connected to the Mallorens.
A Lady's Secret came out in 2008.
The Secret Wedding in 2009.
The Secret Duke will be out in 2010.
There is more information here.

When will you reissue your traditional regencies?

Round about now! Two came out in April 2008 in a trade paperback titled LOVERS AND LADIES. That was The Fortune Hunter and Deirdre and Don Juan. Why the last two first? Contract confusion delayed the others. The others are being republished. You can find out all about it here.

Will you be writing any more medieval romances?

Yes. I say that with certainty because they are a joy to write, but I canít be sure when. I can only write so many books in a year (about one at the moment) and people want more Mallorens and more Rogues. But one is definitely simmering on the back burner.

Donít you write Science Fiction?

Yes, but I havenít managed to sell much, largely because I started to sell romance and it took over. I have one SF short story in print The Fruit Picker ; an SF Romance novella that was published in February 2004 in IRRESISTIBLE FORCES. That won the Sapphire Award for Best SF Romance, short form. There are also a fantasy novellas in the FAERY MAGIC and DRAGON LOVERS anthologies, and another to come in a collection called A CHALICE OF ROSES. I will also have a story in an SF collection called STAR CROSSED LOVERS.

Will you ever write about the children in your book as adults? What about the Malloren children? What about Arabel Delaney?

There are problems with this. The first is that I donít particularly want to revisit my characters in middle or even old age. The other is the periods involved. I have an aversion to the Victorian period, which is where Arabel will cut a swathe. As for the Mallorens, those children would be reaching adulthood in the late 18th century which is not a favourite time for me. Readers have pointed out that Malloren descendents must be in Regency England. This is true, but trying to weave that in would be far too complicated.

Will you ever write contemporary romance?

Thereís the time factor, but I also donít think I have a contemporary voice. In addition, Iím a bit mixed up. Iím English by birth and raising, having lived there until my late twenties, and thatís my principal voice still. However, Iím not at all up-to-date. Iím Canadian to some extent, but not enough to be truly comfortable in it. As for American, so many aspects of the culture are still a mystery to me. However, I have an idea for a contemporary fantasy story that I might play with. You never know.

Is FORBIDDEN MAGIC a Rogues' book?

No, but it is now.*G* I wrote it as a stand alone, but now I've melded all my Regencies into one world it has to be there, too. As it took place in 1813, before the Rogues' stories started, it doesn't conflict. The characters just haven't interacted yet. There'll be a new edition in 2011

Why don't you have a movie or a TV series made of your books?

Because it needs a whole lot of money. Authors rarely make movies of their books or even have much to do with it. The book is optioned by a producer or production company, who then raise the money, hire the director, actors etc etc. The author doesn't usually have any say in the screenplay, which is why so many movies made from books have little similarity to the original. But then, most novelists would be terrible screenwriters.

So many book adaptions are weird that I'm nervous about the whole idea, but if you know a producer looking for a period piece, I'm up for the adventure.

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