Year 1764

See calendar for 1764 -- Leap year

Events in the novels
Most of the events in the Rakes Trilogy occur in 1764.
Apr, main part of The Secret Duke begins when Bella Barstowe leaves Carscourt.
Apr, A Lady's Secret begins.
Jun, Lord Maybury dies (A Scandalous Countess).
Jun, Bryght and Portia have a baby, Joanna.
Aug, Robin and Petra (A Lady's Secret) marry at Rothgar Abbey.
Sep, Thorn hosts the Olympian Revels in London. Features in The Secret Wedding and it's where Bella and Thorn meet again in The Secret Duke.
Dec, The Secret Duke ends.

Major real world events of all kinds

Other Events

Feb, Wilkes found guilty of seditious libel and obscenity?
May, sugar tax to be levied on American colonies.
Later in the year, first concerns about the king's mental stability.

Mozart plays before George III.