Portia St. Claire

Portia St. Claire

b 1736.
Short, thin, rust colored hair, blue eyes, freckles.

Father was 3rd son of Lord Felsham, and a gamester before marriage. After, he gambled on investments, When he lost everything he shot himself, c 1738.
Her uncle is Lord Felsham of Gloucestershire.
Stepfather Sir Edward Upcott.
Uncle is Bishop of Nantwich, father of Nerissa St. Claire.
Her mother, Hannah, was a stocking-maker's daughter. nee Cranford, from Manchester, Hannah's brother is a prosperous mill owner there.

Home, Overstead Manor -- belongs to her brother. It's near Walgrave Towers near Shaftesbury.

Childhood friend of Fort Ware, hero of Something Wicked, becomes 5th Earl of Walgrave.

Married: Lord Bryght Malloren summer 1761.

Francis Malloren born, 12th Aug 1762.
  Hint in Winter Fire that she's pregnant. Dec 1763.
Gabrielle, b 26th Jun 1764. Dark hair.

Appears in A Scandalous Countess, Jul 1765 in Town.

A patroness of Danae House, founded by Diana, Lady Arradale and Rothgar.

Has half sister, Prudence Upcott, b 1745.
Half brother, Sir Oliver Upcott (his godfather is the 4th Earl of Walgrave).
He loses Overstead at gaming to Captain Barclay, friend of Bryght Malloren.

Heroine of Tempting Fortune.